AOSSM Early Sport Specialization Consensus Statement

Early sport specialization is not a requirement for success at the highest levels of competition and is believed to be unhealthy physically and mentally for young athletes. It also discourages unstructured free play, which has many benefits.  READ MORE

Local coaches on multi-sport debate | Cody Futrell

West Ouachita coach Joey Pender said that each sport builds on a different fundamental aspect of being a top football player and he encourages players

to in that. “Track builds toughness and baseball and basketball are good for hand and eye coordination,” Pender said. “I don’t understand the drive to specialize

kids. Playing multiple sports gives them a competiveness and they become well rounded.” READ MORE

Early Specialization/ Nine Reasons Why It Is a Bad Idea | MomsTeam

If parents choose not to allow their child to specialize or play on a select team too early, not only will they be doing that child a huge favor, but, if enough parents “just say no” to select teams and early specialization, we can create the balanced, child-centered youth sports system. READ MORE